There are birthday partibdaycake3es and then there are magical birthday parties by Dr Twistin! When Dr Twistin first arrives, he brings a customized balloon birthday cake out of over 25 balloons just for the birthday child! Then, drawing from his unlimited arsenal of balloon creations, Dr Twistin bends, molds,  and folds works of balloon art for all of the kids including the birthday child, at the party! You don’t have to worry because Dr Twistin brings his over 30 years of entertaining kids of all ages and bringing balloon awesomeness to parties. Your party will be the talk of the town for a long time to come! Best thing, incredible memories are created that will last a lifetime!

There are no balloon animals  or bunnies here, but these are complex, multiple balloon sculptures that can only come from the caliber of balloon twister and entertainer that is Dr Twistin. From famous cartoon parodies, to crowns, to aliens in spaceships, Dr Twistin holds the attention of his audience. Using a combination of comedy, humor and just plain awesome balloons, Dr Twistin creates a truly memorable event for the birthday guest of honor. Your birthday child is the star of the day and will remember the party Dr Twistin came to for the rest of his/her life.


Dr Twistin arrives with a pre made Balloon Birthday Cake created from over 30 balloons just for the birthday child. This is one hour of Dr Twistin’s magical balloon artistry. Dr Twistin easily connects with kids of all ages and entertains them while he is creating balloon art. The birthday child gets a custom created birthday balloon just for him/her. Every child gets an incredibly  complex balloon created right there for them! The excitement on your child’s face is gold as he watches Dr Twistin make balloons just for him/her and his/her guests!

Dr Twistin likes to take requests and be challenged. There is nothing he can’t make, with the right balloons! This package is for up to 15 kids, which allows Dr Twistin ample time to create some of  the most amazing balloons ever seen on the planet. Balloon Twisting Entertainment at it’s best, is what you get when you bring Dr Twistin to your party.

Fee: 150.00

Travel Fee: There is an additional travel fee for any party outside of Pierce County.



This includes everthing in the BASIC  BIRTHDAY PACKAGE plus Dr Twistin will perform a show that features the birthday child as star of the show! This 20 minute presentation is packed with side splitting comedy, amazing comedy magic, a bit of juggling and of course balloon tricks! No one has the experience, 34 years, that Dr Twistin does. When you bring Dr Twistin to your special event, you are getting a true professional. You don’t have to worry if you are getting the right person because you are bringing Dr Twistin!

NOW INCLUDED: As part of the birthday party show, Dr Twistin will perform soap bubble magic. He will bring a jar of soap bubbles, the wand and a straw. From those things, he will create bubbles in a bubble, a caterpillar bubble, a bubble cube, and even a merry go round bubble. What’s more, Dr Twistin will leave the bubble supplies for the birthday child to try the tricks themselves! All this at NO extra charge!


FEE: 200.00

In addition to the deluxe birthday party, you can get a pre made GIANT sculpture created for your party. The 6ft tall minion, 6 ft tall princess, ginormous figures or any of the upgrades below and more. Call for the price that these would cost, as that depends on the size of the figure….



How about a Frozen Castle, with Ana, Elsa and Olaf? These castles, can also be tailor to fit your theme. Also available are: Avengers, Cars, Cindrella, Dora, Hello Kitty, Little Mermaid, Micky and Minnie, Princesses, SpongeBob, Spiderman and more!


Dr Twistin can literally make anything! There is nothing that his fast talented hands can’t create! When you call, ask about Custom Sculptures. How much? That depends on the size, detail and time to create it…….the memories that are created by them, are priceless. See below some of the  ideas. Also, look in the delivery section of this website for more ideas. Thanks!

When professionalism, high quality and plain fun counts, you will want to call Dr Twistin!

Remember, it’s never too early to call, only too late! Call now!




Here are some other options that can be created for the birthday child. Price depends on the complexity of the piece.

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