Dr. Twistin’s Gospel Balloon Show and More!

reaches out to your congregation with the love of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ. Watch bible stories, such as Noah and the Ark, or Jonah and the Whale unfold with the use of balloons and lots of audience participation.

Jesus on the Cross

Jesus on the Cross

Magic object lessons, juggling, soap bubble magic and a LOT of balloons are used to teach the love of God. Balloon costumes, masks, and other balloon props are used as audience members become part of the story. It is my objective that God uses whatever I do to touch your heart with His love. You don’t have to worry about Dr Twistin, because he has been ministering with all these God given skills for decades!

Whether it’s an outreach into the community or a special event, Dr Twistin’s Gospel Balloon Show seeks to plant seeds in people’s hearts for the Kingdom of God. On God’s leading, give a call to have him to come minister at your church community and to have a truly memorable and moving experience!

Dr Twistin is available for picnics, harvest festivals, kids crusades, vacation bible schools, family events, outreaches…..any special event.


(Dr Twistin is also available for décor, and other balloon twisting work that might be needed at your church.)

FEES: Call Dr Twistin to discuss fees.

Remember can never call too early, Only too late! CALL NOW!




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